Local Mushroom Coffee with Cordycep

Local Mushroom Coffee with Cordycep

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Coffee infused with  Cordyceps, and Shiitake mushrooms— adaptogenic superfoods that work together to deliver a wide range of benefits.

Regarded as a tonic for the subtle energies that travel throughout the meridian system of the body and can improve digestion, strengthen immunity,  and increase lung capacity by dilating the bronchi and alveoli in the lungs > enhancing oxygen absorption. 

As this mushroom is found at such extreme heights and thin air environment it must be proficient in extracting oxygen from the surrounding atmosphere. Therefore it is suited for people with respiratory issues like asthma and bronchitis.

Enhances the activity of macrophages and natural killer cells that possess unique polysaccharides that inhibit numerous different types of cancer including leukemia Protects against pathogens including Lyme. Effective anti-viral medicine.*

Add it to your favourite smoothies, teas, and soups.


1 bag = 28 servings of mushroom coffee.

1 serving = 8oz cup.