Komo Vegan Shepherd's Pie 2 servings

Komo Vegan Shepherd's Pie 2 servings

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This rustic vegan shepherd’s pie is a fan favourite. With a rich, savoury mushroom-and-onion gravy and creamy Yukon Gold potato mash, it will keep you coming back for more. Our take on the famous vegan classic gets its character from hearty lentil and pea crumbles and a fresh veggie medley. It’s satisfying. It’s flavourful. And it’s 100% plant-based (of course). Order your deliciously hearty, wholesome, and easy vegan meal today!

Yukon Gold Garlic Mash 
Mushroom Onion Gravy 
Lentil Pea Crumble
Hearty Veggie Medley 


Frozen for freshness, bake and serve.
Vegan, Easy, Wholesome and Hearty