Komo Vegan Chick'n Pot Pie 6 servings

Komo Vegan Chick'n Pot Pie 6 servings

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This classic Chick’n Pot Pie is an all-time favourite turned vegan: nostalgic, hearty and hands-down wonderful. You’ll get a made-from-scratch olive oil crust surrounding a medley of peas, celery, carrots and soy curls in a creamy, flavourful cashew sauce. It’s everything you could want in a chick’n pot pie - and so, so much more. You’re an hour away from digging into the deliciousness of this classic vegan meal.

Creamy Cashew Sauce
Hearty Veggie Medley
Chick'n Soy Curls
Olive Oil Pie Crust

Frozen for freshness, bake and serve.
Vegan, Easy, Wholesome and Hearty